What is InnovaMinex ?

It is an innovative business model that uses blockchain technology to guarantee the traceability of precious metals. By applying a set of procedures, it is possible to certify the whole process, from its origin in the mines, to the refinery and the commercialization to the end consumer. This commercialization is done through our e-commerce, partner stores and our own ATMs.

This will allow buyers to verify the origin of the metal they have acquired, insuring that the extraction is legal, that the environment has been protected at all times, or that it cannot be used for money laundering, since all transactions are registered and the whole community has access to them.

Our ultimate goal is making gold and other precious metals more accessible to all the people through our cryptocurrency, MINX, obtaining the best possible price both for our clients and for our community, with emphasis being placed on the transparency and safety of our transactions.

¿ Qué es InnovaMinex ?

What is InnovaMinex?

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