InnovaMinex and Minexcorp fusion

Nowadays, Minexcorp Gold Mining is working in different projects in Colombia, where each and every one of them is in a different action phase


Nowadays, the most advanced one is the Vereda Guayaquil Mining project, in the municipality of Pensilvania, in the state of Caldas. It is a relevant mining project that pivots around the gold exploration and exploitation, which, in addition to creating wealth in the area, bets on responsible mining, with the nearby population as well as the environment.

This way, the Vereda Guayaquil mining project is going to create more than 600 direct jobs in the next three years, in addition to employing more than one thousand people in an indirect way. This way, in addition to being able to accomplish our goals, we bet on the Colombian economy, in general, and on the area´s economy, in particular, being strengthened and becoming a milestone in an area where country tasks are the only source of income.



Many possibilities

It becomes a project with the possibility of reaching high profitability on wide spans of time.

For everyone

Investing in gold is at everybody´s reach, although the larger the investment, the larger the benefits, the amount to be invested is something to be decided on an individual level

Large community

The bet on the value of gold is also the bet on the community´s development where the extraction and/or exploitation mine is located.



Sustainable Gold

We are a corporation that is committed with the environment and with growth. That is why, we work with this premise as a standard, with the goal of making our exploitations more sustainable and trying not to generate contaminating leftovers nor poverty in the community where the exploitation is located.

Because we believe in a sustainable mining activity with a minimum impact, we bet on green mining, by using green and sustainable techniques that do not cause environmental harm and avoid traditional mining processes at all times, protecting this way the natural action environment and the security and health of our workers, as well as that of the people nearby.



Mining Projects

So far we have 7 mining projects known internally as GUAYAQUIL, VIZCAYA, BOLÍVAR 2, ANTIOQUIA 3, MINEX 7, MINEX 12 and TOLIMA, which will begin to operate gradually. The GUAYAQUIL processing plant is already in the construction and assembly stage, and gold ore is being collected for further washing and processing. The start of operations will take place in the first months of 2019. The TOLIMA project will be the last one to begin, starting in 2022 with the processing of minerals.

All these projects are of underground vein mining kind, i.e., they will extract minerals deposited in fissures, cracks or crevices of a rocky body. These minerals are of a different nature to the rocks where they are embedded. Hence, the mineral of commercial interest is thus extracted directly, causing a minimum impact on the surface where the mine is located.


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