We reward the loyalty of all our clients, allocating 25% of the profits to our loyalty program. Being part of our club is easy, you just have to meet some minimum requirements:


Keep MINX in your wallet without using them for 3 months


Reach a quarterly purchase volume in our e-commerce.


You will have GOLD with up to 90% discount!

Benefits for the members

Benefit Community Silver Gold Platinum
Usable Points Up to 30% Up to 50% Up to 70% Up to 90%
Timely Notice Of Retail Promotions And Access To Market And Product Alerts
No Monthly Limit On Credit Card Orders
Access To Dedicated Account Manager  
Early Access To Flash Sale Offers    
Exclusive Offers & Promotions      


Exclusive information

Our clients will receive exclusive information on the interest rates of the gold and precious metals market, and their relationship with the world of cryptocurrencies. We will also produce information materials such as guides, tools and exclusive contents related to our products.


Our clients will receive discount vouchers exchangeable in our e-commerce for any gold and precious metal products present in our catalogue.


Users who make use of MINX in any of our business chain points (mines, refinery, e-commerce or crypto-cashiers) and participating businesses, will enjoy important discounts, as well as other possible advantages.


Requirements to be a member


Order 150 USD quarterly in the Shop


Maintain 300 MINX quarterly in Wallet


Order 5.000 USD quarterly in the Shop


Maintain 10.000 MINX quarterly in Wallet


Order 12.500 USD quarterly in the Shop


Maintain 25.000 MINX quarterly in Wallet


Order 25.000 USD quarterly in the Shop


Maintain 50.000 MINX quarterly in Wallet

Terms and Conditions

  • InnovaMinex Elite Club membership is determined by purchase activity (amount spent or MINX in wallet).
  • On an annual basis, InnovaMinex will conduct a review of your purchase activity to determine if your current membership level and benefits will be extended into the next annual cycle. If you maintain the annual spend or order requirements for your level, you will maintain your current membership status. If you have not met the requirements, your membership level will be adjusted accordingly until your purchase activity makes you eligible for an upgrade to the next membership level.
  • Upgrades are conducted frequently, but any loss of benefits is only conducted on an annual basis.
  • InnovaMinex reserves the right to change program rules, benefits, membership levels, special offers and cancel the program at any time without notice.
  • If an audit of your InnovaMinex account reveals any discrepancies with your purchase history, your membership level may be adjusted accordingly. Such discrepancies include returned merchandise and/or fraudulent activity.
  • Only purchases made on shop.innovaminex.com or by telephone qualify for consideration towards your InnovaMinex Elite Club requirements. Dealers are exempt from club.
  • InnovaMinex Elite Club membership implies agreement to the terms and conditions under https://members.innovaminex.com/legal.php