Our Projects


01 Mining


2 mines rich in gold, silver and zinc already underway.

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02 E-Commerce


Gold and silver coins and ingots from our mines and main refineries.

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03 Traceability


Blockchain technology to trace precious metals.

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MINX token

You can buy, sell or trade MINX through digital currency exchanges. On the right you will see the two exchange platforms that currently list MINX, many more will be added over the coming months. Future exchange partnerships will be announced via our social media channels.





Latest News

Silver mining in Latin America: which are the main producing countries?

Silver mining has a long history in Latin America, where it has been an important source of income and wealth for centuries. Today, the region remains one of the world's leading silver producers, wit...

Press Release and Summary La Maria Mayo

Communiqué sent by MinexCorp on the La Maria mining project. "We are pleased to share with you the summary of the first quarter results for the La Maria project. Although we have not yet reach...

Statement and Summary Vereda Guayaquil May

Press release sent by MinexCorp on the Vereda Guayaquil Mining Project. "We are pleased to share with you our first quarter 2023 report, which reflects the steady progress of our mining company an...