September previews at La Maria

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In La María project, we continue to build channels, walls and mortars in the perimeter area and terraces of the mill in order to prevent erosion and the deposit of sludge on the construction slabs.

Ninety percent of the plant’s tanks have been emptied and repainted internally with anticorrosive, and the crushing work has been completed, so terrace 1 is 100% operational.

The construction of the offices is still in progress and the work on the foundations and structures, which, as you know, will be a copy of Guayaquil, is at an advanced stage.

Social actions

The social impact that La Maria is producing is being tremendously large and positive. The program “Mujeres que crean” (Women who create) has been created, which will have an impact on 30 women in the village of El Tigre through methodologies applied in workshops for being and doing.

From the School Gardens program in the La Palma and Paso Real villages, motivational activities are being carried out to encourage the cooperation and participation of the students in the area.

We hope to have the plant up and running by the beginning of November, so the wait is almost over.

Don’t miss the videos of the Offices and the Beneficiation Plant.

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