What is happening in La Maria?

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Regarding the work in the mine, we are opening a new mine shaft that is giving us approximately 12-14 tonnes.

In the plant we have already made a smelting operation, everything is working perfectly. We think that with this smelting we have left the mill in good condition. One of the needles of the spectrometer has broken, in the next meltdowns exact data will be given.

As for the mill, from this smelting we can start to bring in ore from other mines and put the plant to work. This month we will see the smelter and we cannot be sure about the mill, but once the mill has been filled, ore from other plants can be brought in.

From here onwards it will be put into operation 24 hours a day, we will have to double the capacity of the plant to do this because with the conditions we have.

Drilling is underway to expand the mine’s capacity; we already have the drilling results.

The civil works are practically finished.

Questions from La María

What benefits will the plant provide?

The result is that we have a plant and we want to take advantage of it, as we have not finished the development of the mine we accept ore from other companies. Then you will see that there is a part of the turnover that is entirely ours and another part that has an industrial benefit.

In the laboratory we are starting to accept clients from outside, because with these profits we pay the laboratory staff and if with the ore from outside we pay for the whole production operation, what we get from it will be all profit.

Will we get to 2022 at €1 per share?

What matters is that it works and that everything is done well, these projects are made for many, many years.

How many tonnes are we washing?

Between 10-12.

Are there many nearby mines owned by other owners?

In this mining district there are about 600 (legal and illegal), but like ours, 20.

Do you already have agreements with other mines to process their material?

We have a waiting list for this.

Is mine extraction going to improve?

Yes, when we have the results of the extractions. Remember that we are working in 3 different mines.

How much is it estimated that we can be washing in 1 year?

I hope to end the year with an average of 50 tonnes. We are doing the complete geological study. We are working in several mineshafts at the same time, which slows down the work a lot.

How many meltdowns do you do per month?

One a month at the moment, it will be 1 a week.

Can you tell us if you are working on waste recycling?

We have contracted a group called Térreo who advise us on ecological issues.

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