Composting System: What it is and How to Do it

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In the mining projects that we currently manage in InnovaMinex together with MinexCorp and Pensilvania Gold & Mineral we have a priority objective which is to achieve the greatest positive impact on the environment, so every day we work on different strategies and programs that can help mitigate the ecological footprint that we as people and project leave.

On this occasion we want to share the composting system that we have implemented; which is a biological process that, under controlled conditions of ventilation, humidity and temperature, transforms degradable organic waste into a stable and sanitised material called compost, which can be used as organic fertiliser.

We explain the process we carry out so that you can implement it in your home as far as possible.

How to make a Composting System

  • STEP 1. SEPARATION IN THE KITCHEN: Use a large container with a lid for biodegradable waste: vegetable and fruit peels.
  • STEP 2. APPLICATION OF SAWDUST: The sawdust should be applied in the following way: mix two portions of sawdust for one portion of organic waste.
  • STEP 3: PROPER COMPOSTING: After the sawdust and organic waste have been properly mixed, the mixture is poured into the corresponding bin of the compost bin, spreading it well throughout the bin and finally a thin layer of sawdust is added on top of the whole mixture.
    • Cover wet materials with dry ones.
    • If it smells, it is too wet, add dry material.
    • If you have flies, you have a lot of citrus fruits, add some ash and dry material.
    • If it has ants, it is too dry, add wet material and water.

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