Reforestation Plan

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Tree reforestation consists of recovering trees destroyed or lost due to human impact in certain places.

In our case, despite the care we take to minimize the environmental impact, we have a reforestation plan in our Vereda Guayaquil mining project.

To reforest an area with trees, some factors must be taken into account and a reforestation plan must be developed:

-The climate. It is necessary to know which trees can be planted in each climate, since not all of them can withstand extreme cold, rain or heat.

-Soil. Not all trees can be adapted to any terrain; we must know the terrain very well.

-Species of trees. Each species of tree has a limit with respect to the height above sea level to survive, therefore a reforestation ignoring this factor would end up failing.

-Solar exposure. The amount of light that the tree to be reforested can receive must be considered to be adequate.

-Soil depth. For reforestation, attention must also be paid to the root system of each species of tree, since not all can grow in soils of equal depth.

In our mining project, at the present time, the Oro Verde nursery is maintained, this is where the magic is born, because it is in this place where the seeds of native trees are germinated, then these germinated seeds are transferred to bags where they will grow to a certain size.

This size gives us the information that the tree is ready to go to the field, where we will finish our process.

It is important to know that the planting will be carried out in sites of environmental interest.

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