MINX Burn and Distribution Process 2024

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At InnovaMinex, we remain dedicated to the growth and development of our innovative project. We wish to inform you that on February 27, 2024, we have carried out the burning of MINX tokens that were released during 2023 but did not meet the set criteria for distribution.

Whitepaper Access: We remind our community that the whitepaper is available for consultation at any time on our official website. This document is crucial for a deep understanding of our vision and the operational mechanics of MINX.

Details of the MINX Burn Transaction: The MINX tokens that were not released during 2023 (due to not meeting the required conditions in any month) have been burned. Here are the details of the transaction: [View 2024 burn transaction].

MINX Transfer Transaction for 2024: We have transferred the MINX tokens for 2024 from InnovaMinex’s Cold Wallet to the Release Wallet, preparing for their potential release under established conditions: [View 2024 transfer transaction].

For the monthly release of these tokens, our system will verify that two essential conditions are met:

  1. The price of MINX must be above $0.50 USD.
  2. The monthly trading volume must exceed $3,000,000 USD.

These criteria will be reviewed annually to ensure they are aligned with market dynamics and our project’s needs.

Distribution of Released MINX:

  • 70% of the released tokens will be distributed proportionally through the exchanges where MINX are listed, with our team managing and transparently communicating the operations to the community.
  • 30% will be distributed to partners, the team, and for the development of InnovaMinex, with the assigned wallets and the specific amount of MINX distributed to each being published.

Tokens that are not released will remain in the release wallet until the end of the year, proceeding to their burn in January of the following year if not distributed.

Non-Release Policy: Any MINX that is not released in a month for not meeting the conditions will not be eligible for use in the following month.

Annual Review of Conditions: The conditions for the release and burning of MINX will be subject to annual review to adequately adapt to market variations and the project’s needs.

For any queries or more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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