Only through an exclusive and careful image we are able to transmit the authentic values of InnovaMinex

Ignacio Naveilhan is a professional in the web world endowed with a profile both for development and creativity. He was born in Argentina and began professionally with web design in the 90s, being clear that “in the web world the most important thing is to have a self-taught attitude to be constantly updated, since what you learn today, in a short period of time is improved up on, and in no time obsoletHis main areas of expertise are languages ​​such as HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript, accompanied with graphic design for almost all the projects he acomplished. Throughout the years he also improved his attitudes to Marketing in Social Networks and to Affiliation Marketing systems.In 2006 he went to Spain to work with important companies in the web sector such as Avantys and Interdominios. He created a special bond with the first of them, taking care of the entire corporate image and developments of the company. “Avantys is my second home, if my profile was already doing everything, in Avantys we multiplied it and started to develop it to another level: SaaS, e-commerce and many APIs”.In the InnovaMinex family, Ignacio is in charge of the development of all the frontend pages, he is in the design team of art and corporate image and collaborates with development tasks for the client area. His objective is that people know this incredible project using simplified but overwhelming and concise content, elegantly shown: “Only through an exclusive and careful image are we able to transmit the authentic values ​​of InnovaMinex. A web design transfers the energy with which it was created. If it’s not done with love, it shows”.Among the latest achievements he created the demo of the InnovaMinex Shop, the InnovaMinex website and its “INX Win Wheel” roulette, together with the development team. “We have a large percentage of visits through mobile phones, so we try to do a great job so that visitors can get to know us in a user friendly environment, in computers, tablets or mobile phones. As Blockchain companies increase, people start to consider other features to choose where to invest, such as the web image and its usability”, he adds.He also believes that InnovaMinex is a window to technologies with great potential, where Blockchain forces developers to connect multiple platforms with each other in order to have optimal control and automation. “Our e-commerce will be connected and will be dependent on the customer area (and with the INX that each person has). At the same time, the customer area will be connected to the Blockchain, so we expect great growth at the development level”.Ignacio is clear about it and encourages us not to miss this opportunity: “if everyone saw the potential of InnovaMinex as I see it, we would have already reached the hardcap. This is a completly well rounded project, ideal for investors of all kinds who want to begin to know the world of gold and other precious metals, with the best advantages and conditions to do so”.L

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