What’s New on Innovaminex: MINX Release

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In the Innovaminex Team, we work to ensure that this great project continues to develop and for us, it is important that you are informed of every activity on the project.

Therefore we want to inform you about the amount of MINX that will be released each year from 2020 to 2030.

Please remember that you have access to the whitepaper for any question published on our official website.

The amount of MINX to be released will be made every year from the cold wallet 0xd40cc2a93c84bf220b25b5b9b2dc49136f775a3c, during 10 years, from January 26th to February 1st of the same year, transferring the amount of 26,390,000 MINX to the release wallet 0x3a6912f19250d91b28d03412d10a181818ed27a715.

From the release wallet, the MINX that can be distributed each month will be
2,199,166.666666 MINX.

In order to release this amount every month, our system will check both conditions:
a) The price of the MINX has to be higher than 0.50 USD (reference value on Coinmarketcap.com).
b) The monthly volume must be at least 3,000,000 USD.

If both conditions are met, the following distribution will be made from the 1st to the 5th of the following month:

a) 70% of the released MINX will be distributed in proportional parts to the exchanges where the MINX are located and managed by our team of traders, who will inform and make public the trades made to make the distribution to the community.

b) 30% of the released MINX will be distributed in percentage already allocated to the partners, team, development of InnovaMinex. The wallets assigned and the amount of MINX to each wallet will be published.

For MINX that have not been released, they will continue to be stored in the same release wallet until the end of the year. On 26 January of the following year until 31 January of the same month, MINX not distributed in that year shall be burned.
* MINX not released in a month due to non-compliance with the conditions may not be used the following month.

We’ll keep you informed of the next steps.

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