“We are working on a project that is real, viable, lucrative and necessary. Never before has this been done”

We are working on a project that is real, viable, lucrative and necessary. Never before has this been done

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CEO and owner of an online training company with 4 internacional headquarters (delenaformacion.com), CEO of a web development company (webseoglobal.es), partner of a Ribera de Duero wine cellar (tintoburgos.com), partner of a film production company (marilafilms.es), real estate business in Malaga… This is the successful business card of the main person in charge of the InnovaMinex project. But, let us start at the beginning…

Fernando García Sanz studied History and Dramatic Arts, but the business spirit he has had since he was very young made him change course to become a great businessman. “Throughout my professional career I have set up large-scale business projects, always betting on innovation and development. Leading these projects has not always been easy, so I had to develop skills to manage human and financial resources in the best possible way. “ His love for archeology and the many excavations in which he participated (in Spain and Morocco) marked him with a determined interest to unearth unknown treasures. 25 years ago he moved to Colombia (he lived there more than 3 years), where he had his first contact with emerald mining. By then, this type of activity was very dangerous due to the presence of guerrillas and armed groups, so he left the country. At the end of 2013, because of an expansion in one of his companies, he returned to Colombia and, when he saw a much better social tranquility and that some investment activity and business development were starting, he began to develop the gold mining project. For 1 and a half years he was gathering information and carrying out studies on mines which needed technification and financing. “There are mines that are working currently, but they are unindustrialized projects, and that makes you lose a lot of potencial profit”, he explains.
Fernando, first as a member of the Board of Directors of Minera Guayaquil, and later as Chief Executive Officer of MinexCorp — a position he has held since 2017 -, began working with teams of engineers and architects carrying out studies to technify the first mine: Vereda Guayaquil. Minera Guayaquil is the operator of this 1st mine. MinexCorp is the largest shareholder of Minera Guayaquil and InnovaMinex owns 25% of MinexCorp. Although the first project was partially financed with Fernando’s money, the great gold prospects of the area and the need to obtain funds for the mine pushed him to look for other partners. The project presented to him by Rafael Enríquez (Chief Innovation Officer of InnovaMinex) interested him a lot, since his own mining project fitted in perfectly with that of the cryptocurrency, which was also very advanced.
“In only 5 years, the 7 mining projects that we have at hand will be working,” he stresses. “We do not buy the mines, but we enter into partnership with the local miners, which lowers the costs a lot”. The local people see that MinexCorp is a very serious company when it comes to work: fair treatment and wages, and that makes the company very attractive. In fact, in MinexCorp they talk directly with the owners, negotiate with them and study their needs. “What works best is buying a mining title to a title holder, or negotiating with the owner and give him a percentage of the profits. The policy of good partners is better than that of good customers and makes costs very low”. Fernando explains that they are still a small company and they have to adapt to what they have, that is why they exercise strict control over expenses, something they are proud of. “We consider any type of profitable mining but, in principle, we are focused on gold mines. We study all the projects presented to us, and if the investment cost is low, why not participate in them?”. What started as a small project seems to be fast becoming a big project, but here there is no megalomania. That’s why Fernando invites anyone who wants to participate in the project to visit the mine. By the way, it is one of the few existing mines in Colombia with calculated proven reserves, “in our case, 37,000 troy ounces of gold,” explains the CEO of InnovaMinex.
Regarding the exploitation process, MinexCorp develops its activity by means of natural and mechanical methods and without generating ecological waste, so the gold obtained is considered ‘green gold’, which is precisely what is acquired by large jewelry companies, such as Cartier, since its traceability can be demonstrated. “We can guarantee the traceability of our products, they are not ‘blood diamonds’. Besides, it is our own currency that will be used to buy them with the best conditions”. Blockchain delivers a guarantee of traceability, so closing the circle. On the other hand, working with gold is what leaves more margin, and the project includes smelting and refining. InnovaMinex will not only work with MinexCorp gold, but there are already agreements signed with the artisan jewelers of Chocó (Colombia) for the elaboration of all kinds of jewelery pieces.
“Currently it is the most interesting project that exists in blockchain, with very clear profitable figures over the mid to long term. We are working on a project that is real, viable, lucrative and necessary. Never before has this been done. And it is linked to an industrial component that cryptocurrencies do not normally have”. He also notes that they are doing great social work: reforming schools, installing running water, building roads, improving hygienic conditions, etc. And they intend to do it even better. “We are investing money to generate profits. It is an honest project where everyone is truly engaged”.

Contact: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fernando-garcía-sanz/

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