Meeting on Vereda Guayaquil

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If you were unable to attend the Zoom meeting with Minexcorp‘s CEO on Monday 20 December, here is a brief summary of all the news from one of our mining projects.

Significant progress

  • The crushing and grinding part of the washing plant is working perfectly.
  • The water and sewage network is finished.
  • Inside the mine we are developing panel 4, we are at 360 linear metres. We are obtaining between 20-30 tons per day.
  • The cableway is working, but some adjustments are needed so that it can transport much more mining material.
  • We are in the third trial, some of the machines have had problems, but in a month it will be processing normally. We are working with sterile material or mining waste material for the moment.
  • We are still waiting for the three-phase electricity network to arrive, for the moment we can work without this network but the cost is higher and ideally the company with which we contract this service should take responsibility as soon as possible.
  • We are extracting 50 tonnes a day from the mine and we are preparing a new gallery that will come into operation in January and that is when we will be extracting 70 tonnes, an amount that exceeds all forecasts.

There are delays related to the plant, there are many processes taking place and everything has to be calibrated and tested for optimal operation.

As far as the mine is concerned, we are very advanced and we are exceeding all possible forecasts at this time, for the moment we are extracting mining waste material.

Some of the questions from the community

What is the mining waste material or sterile material?

In the vein there is a width, ours is one metre, but to continue advancing you have to make the tunnel wider so you take out the auriferous vein and the barren, in most mines it is barren but not in ours, so it is called backing and this has between 0.5 and 4 grams of gold per tonne.

What is the solution for the cableway?

The problem is not structural, what happens is that there are two hoppers, one that goes up and one that comes down and these can carry 25 tonnes each, what we did was to put the cable in bigger so that it could hold more tonnes. When we put in a third one, that’s when it gave us problems, but we are working on it to solve it as soon as possible.

When will the money be received?

In January we will have the first ore wash, estimated in 2022.

How many people are working?

Currently around 130, less and less engineering staff and more are coming into the mine.

What is the mine richest in?

In quantities it is richer in polymetallic, in money it is richer in gold.

Will it be sold as green gold?

Yes, we practice green mining and this means that we take care that our processes have a minimum impact and we even favour the area where we work.

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