2020 Auditing Area Report

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We interviewed Germán Augusto Dominguez López, Auditor of the Vereda Guayaquil Mining Project, whose function is to control and verify compliance with the provisions of the company.

In 2020, different activities were carried out, some of which are detailed below:

  • Verification, monitoring and control of the different materials and equipment entering the project.
  • Verification of the condition of the company’s different equipment and the activities carried out on the farm, as well as production.
  • Periodic tours were made of the different sectors of the company where the different works are being carried out.
  • All types of invoices were verified to determine the veracity of each one.
  • Verification of timber harvesting documents and mobility permits was carried out.
  • An action plan was implemented for the execution of works; this action plan is prepared the first four days of the month by each of the directors of the different areas of the company; it is then compiled by the auditors and sent to general management. This action plan consists of linking all the activities that will be developed during the month, establishing times and resources.
  • Spreadsheets were implemented to keep record and control of the company’s vehicles, machines and equipment; in the vehicles’ spreadsheets we can show the routes they take to justify the route and the amount of fuel they are supplied with.
  • Control of the life sheets of machines and equipment; these sheets show the maintenance performed on each one, how often it is being performed and the spare parts supplied.
  • Thirty-three contracts were signed, of which 25 have been liquidated, 2 are to be liquidated and 6 are being executed.
  • These contracts were reviewed and are being enforced in accordance with the stipulations of the contracting company; different minutes were prepared for each contract, a start-up certificate, a meeting certificate, a work receipt certificate and a liquidation certificate.
  • A record and control of the accounts was kept with each contractor where we can show the value of each contract, the description of the progress, the balances paid and the balances to be paid according to what was executed.
  • These were the activities developed by the auditing area during the period 2020, for 2021 we plan to be closer to the organizational growth of the company providing contributions that generate efficiency and effectiveness in the different processes.
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