The importance of practicing sustainable mining

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For a mining company, sustainable practices are at the core of its license to operate. More and more companies have realized that the only way to be economically viable is to operate with environmental and social responsibility. The issues of climate change, resource scarcity and energy efficiency resonate strongly in the mining industry, as they have been dealing with these issues in their day-to-day business.

Mining companies generally have professional teams that ensure that activities comply with regulations and that activities are conducted in a responsible manner, guaranteeing the safety of their employees, as well as the communities and environment in which they operate.

Sustainable mining because of climate change

With operations in remote areas, as is the case with the Guayaquil mining project, mining companies are well aware of the limitation of natural resources, including sources of energy production. As mining operations are often in remote locations, it is expensive to connect to the grid; and often separate power facilities must be built or diesel must be brought on site.

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Future sustainable growth through mines

The evolution of electric vehicles and renewable energies has a huge impact on the demand for metals and therefore on the mining industry. Cobalt and lithium are often mentioned, as these are special metals used in rechargeable batteries. More importantly, copper is the metal of the future, as copper is used in batteries, electrical wiring in cars, electric vehicle engines and transmission lines. Shaping a climate-proof future with more electric vehicles and renewable energy will require raw materials and these resources must be extracted in a sustainable manner.

Innovaminex is committed to the environment and growth. Therefore, we work with this premise as a banner, so that our mining sites are as sustainable as possible and don’t generate either polluting waste or poverty in the community where the mine is located.

Because we believe in sustained mining activity with a reduced impact, we are committed to green mining, using sustainable techniques that don’t generate environmental damage and avoiding at all times traditional mining processes, protecting the natural environment of operation and the safety and health of both our workers and all those close to the mines.

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