Near Industrial Material Washing

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Vereda Guayaquil

In Guayaquil, we have completed the essential civil works, we are finishing the construction of the hall and we have focused on making the crushing, grinding and conveyor belt system work harmoniously (fine tuning).

In the mine we are already preparing mining panel number 4, which has given us excellent laboratory results.

We expect in October to connect the equipment by means of pipelines to begin the mining stage.

La María

At La María, the civil works are well advanced, with the structure of what will be the offices and a large part of the cabins already erected.

We are continuing with the construction of the electrical substations at the plant, the pico de oro mine and the Clavada.

The washing plant has already been in operation for 90 minutes to check the good condition of each of its elements and the correct functioning of the chain, and connections have also been made for the correct use of rainwater.

Stay tuned for the next communications, as the time is approaching for the connection of both plants and the beginning of the works that will lead to the industrial washing of material.

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