Mining life cycle

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In the mining activity, several work stages can be distinguished, which make up its life cycle.

Discovery, prospecting and exploration

Work in a mine begins with its discovery. This is where what is known as prospecting and exploration comes into play, i.e. those activities that focus on finding out if there is any ore to be extracted, how much there is and where it is to be found.

This work is carried out by geologists and engineers, as well as other specialists in different fields, who must conduct a thorough study of the likelihood of success of the deposit, considering the size and grade of the deposit, the initial investment, the risks and the soundness of the project.

ciclo de vida minero


Once the mining company has assessed the probability studies of the project, if the deposit found is viable, planning for extraction, securing investment agreements and finding potential buyers or investors, among other issues, begins.

This is also where the planning of the engineering to be used, its costs, the legislation in force at the mining site or the relevant environmental regulations come into play.

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