Formation of the Emergency Brigade

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The emergency brigade is part of the emergency plan, which is defined as the organization of the human and material resources available to guarantee immediate intervention in the event of an accident or event with the potential to generate human and material losses.

The emergency brigade is defined as a group of people organized and duly qualified, trained and equipped to prevent, control and react in situations of risk or imminent risk, with the objective of reducing human or material losses.

Functions of the Emergency Brigade

  1. Maintain safety for all.
  2. Train and practice fire, rescue, evacuation, rescue and first aid.
  3. Plan methods of control and action for emergencies (operating procedures).
  4. Implement alarm systems or codes and make them known to all personnel.
  5. Periodically inspect fire protection systems and equipment.
  6. React immediately to any contingency or imminent danger.
  7. Direct and carry out procedures for evacuating people and rescuing valuable or important assets.
  8. Ensure compliance with and observance of industrial safety regulations.
  9. Maintain an updated list of support entities (hospitals and care centers to which the injured may be referred, red cross, health services, firefighters, civil defense and other agencies).
  10. Verify the alarm signal so that all employees immediately evacuate the disaster area to a safe place.
Minera Pensilvania Gold Mineral gm Conformacion de la brigada de emergencia 2

We are proud to report the creation of the emergency brigade in Vereda Guayaquil with the collaboration of MinexCorp and Minera Pensilvania Gold & Mineral workers.

A group of people from the project were trained in first aid to act before, during and after an emergency. From now on, they must act as promoters in the preventive area and act in a timely manner when necessary.

The emergency brigade must be familiar with the facilities, evacuation routes, meeting points, and alarms. These people are trained to minimize the consequences of any eventuality.

We continue working to make the project safe for all our collaborators.

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