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Market and Industry

Market and Industry

Precious metals are a unique asset: they have an emotional, cultural and financial value.
The global demand of gold investment all around the world has experienced an annual growth of 18%

Since 1970, the volume of gold produced each year has experienced a threefold increase, the amount of gold bought annually has experienced a fourfold increase and the markets have flourished all around the world.

Annual gold demand ~US$ 166 billion









What is innovaminex?

What is ?

It is a innovative system, that allows through the use of the blockchain technology the participation in the exploitation of gold mines, the refining of materials and, of course, the sale of gold to the final client through our online shop and our ATMs, in a way that all people that bet on this ambitious project are rewarded

Mining Project

A Project already in progress

- Our mines are rich in gold, silver, and zinc, among other precious minerals

- Green mining and subsoil vein, aware of the care of the environment, we bet of the use of techniques that have the smallest impact on nature

-The before-taxes-margin of the sale, estimated for the extraction during the first five years in the mines that are going to be exploited, is of 2000 million US dollars, arriving in 2023 to a processing capacity of 4000 tons per day


Refining process

A Project corner stone

- A plant with the capacity of refining 200 kilos of gold per day

- Surveillance and security 24/7, thanks to its location in a duty-free zone

- Unique gold and silver coins created with cryptocurrency molds

- Refining of gold from our own mines and from another ones


Innovation in E-commerce

One click away

- Cryptocurrency as a payment method and discounts when paying with INX

- Integrated with Ebay and Amazon

- Precious metals dealing

- Gold and silver coins of the main cryptocurrencies



Close money

- Cryptocurrency dealing (INX, BTC, ETH…)

- Multimedia content that explains the use of the ATM

- Gold and precious metals reserves through coupons

- Interactive and secure interface for beginner users

INX the cryptocurrency

INX the cryptocurrency

INX offers a seamless utility to the public as well as to selective markets, designed for payment, exchange and market platforms


Security against theft and nod network for immediate transactions


Designed to integrate easily in various applications

PoW: Proof of Work

Used to reach 1000 blocks and create a total offer of 300 million coins

Thunder Network

Distributed nods that work together in order to have swift transactions

PoS: Proof of Stake

Used for the blockchain movement and for swift transaction making

Commission free

INX has no commissions on it operations


Two minutes per block and with six necessary confirmations, in order to be transferred in only 12 minutes


First blockchain option with precious metals

INX use

INX use

Mines: we encourage our clients to buy INX, offering higher benefits and discounts

Refinery: first refinery that accepts payment through cryptocurrency. We help integrate our system and improve the prices to our clients

E-commerce: INX will be the preferred coin in our online shop and in the associated businesses, obtaining discounts and getting the best prices in precious metals

Exchange: INX will be available in various exchange platforms (exchange) to buy, sell or exchange with another digital coin or fiduciary money

ATMs: in our selling points and ATMs you will be able to buy and sell INX

Benefit: we share 25% of the benefits with the community that hides its INX in our cold wallet. The more hidden INX, the higher the benefit

Creation and distribution of INX

Creation and distribution of INX

Innovaminex has created 300 million INX, with a launching price of 1$ per each INX


Private INX Pre-ico
Price 1 INX = 1 $
Due date June 30th
Limit 7.500.000 $
Bonus 1 100% guaranteed investment
Bonus 2 Company´s shares
Bonus 3 +100% INX

INX Distribution

65 % ICO

20 % Innovaminex

10 % Development

 5 % Pre-ICO

Funds use

75 % Project

19 % Innovaminex

 5 % Others

 1 % Social Project

Benefitsfor the investor

Benefitsfor the investor

High profitability

Project with several sources of income

Unique benefits

In precious metals as well as in the cryptocurrency

Stable assets

Strong project that abides volatility and bear markets

Protected investment

We comply with all the laws in order to 100% protect the invested capital


Audited Project. We encourage you to visit our mines!

Flexible investment

After the ICO, you can continue receiving profit, or sell your INX

Real business

We invest in real mines that provide income to our investors

On the rise market

Annual gold demand ~ 4.100 tons. Approximately 166 billions US dollars



20132017The search for mining permits
The search for mining permits The result was beyond good and resulted in finding a database of 72 mining permits, which allowed focusing on 18 permit holders, who had project and/or studies that complied with the minimum request in order to begin negotiations. Nowadays there is a direct investment in the Guayaquil mining project and in the Vizcaya project, which are in different phases, five (5) signed projects in the financing phase and others in the negotiation phase
2018JUNEAssembly of processing plant
Plant assembly Beginning of the Guayaquil project plant assembly and additional explorations in the Vizcaya project. Mineral hoarding begins
2018JULYINX Exchange and associated ATMs
Exchange and associated ATMs INX will be introduced in exchange and associated ATMs
2018AUGUSTAssembly of project Bolívar 2
Project Bolívar 2 Beginning of Bolívar 2 plant assembly
2018AUGUSTGold refining
Refinery Refining gold from non-owned mines.
2019FEBRUARYInauguration of plants
Project Guayaquil and Bolívar 2 Beginning of work of the Guayaquil 1 project plant and beginning of construction of the Bolívar 2 benefit plant, in addition to beginning the mineral hoarding
2019JANUARYCommercializing precious metals
Commercializing Commercializing precious metals and launching the first ATMs that sells gold, INX and other cryptocurrencies
2018DECEMBERAnnual closure
Annual closure Annual closure and preparation of profit sharing
2018NOVEMBEROpening of Vizcaya project
Opening of Vizcaya project Opening of the Vizcaya project mine access and mineral hoarding
2018SEPTEMBERE-commerce opening
E-commerce Electronic business for the sale of gold and silver is launched as well as the marketing campaign in order to promote the innovating products
2019MARCHVizcaya and Antioquia 3 project
Vizcaya and Antioquia 3 project Beginning of benefit plant assembly for Vizcaya project and beginning of rehabilitation and construction of ways for the Antioquia 3 project extraction
2019MAYPrecious metal commercializing
Commercializing our precious metals Commercializing our gold and precious metal refined in our refinery
2020JANUARY-MAYBeginning of MineX7 and Minex12 projects
Beginning of MineX7 and Minex12 projects Beginning of extraction and mineral hoarding of Minex7 and construction of ways, extraction and collection of Minex12
2020JUNEInauguration of Antioquia benefit plant
Antioquia 3 and Minex7 projects Beginning of functioning of the Antioquia 3 benefit plant and beginning of construction of the Minex7 plant
2021FEB-SEPMinex7 benefit plant inauguration
Project Minex 7, Minex 12 and Tolima Beginning of functioning of Minex 7 benefit plant, beginning of construction of befenit plant of Minex12 and beginning of extraction, construction of guides of Tolima project


Our team has created several successful companies, has made profitable investments and has managed a fund with high returns for the investors.


Fernando Garcia Sanz

Fernando García Sanz

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

David Olaya Betancourt

David Olaya

CLO (Chief Legal Officer)

Rafael Enríquez

Rafael Enríquez

CINO (Chief Innovation Officer)

Néstor Pavón

Paola Lambraño

Legal department

Francisco Montero

Francisco Montero

CSO (Chief Strategic Officer)

Paco de Benito

Paco de Benito

CCO (Chief Communication Officer)

Ignacio Naveilhan

Ignacio Naveilhan


Jaime Valero

Jaime Valero

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Jaime Krahe

Jaime Krahe

Trade Manager

Raúl Berlanga

Raúl Berlanga

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Anastasia Skaya

Anastasia Skaya

Blockchain Developer

Doctor Asif

Dr. Baloch Asif

Blockchain Director

Doctor Asif

Vincenzo Giorgioni

Head of institutional relations

Ivan García

Iván García

Manuel del Palacio

Manuel del Palacio






We search for people that can help us create leadership for our blockchain and our precious metals projects all over the world

Actualidad INX

Actualidad INX


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