Minex ATM



Minex ATM

Intuitive and safe interface for first-time users in all our ATMs


  • Within the established legal limits, the ATM does not require that the consumer identifies himself.
  • It includes media content that explains the basics of bitcoin and the ATMuse.
  • Fail-safe against small rounding errors in the payments made by users' Bitcoin wallets.
  • Current Discount: -20% Off


Technical Details

  • 19" Touchscreen
  • Built-in Double-Core Intel Processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • Linux Operative System
  • Banknote Recycler with capacity for 80 notes
  • Banknote Storage with capacity for 500 notes
  • Dimensions: 153x52x46 cm
  • Steel sheet housing 2mm thick
  • Approximate weight: 105kg

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Absolute Control

  • Configurable Commissions.
  • Rigorous cash accounting.
  • All operations immediately and transparently.
  • Secure protocols (Https, OpenPGP)
  • 1 year of free software updates.
  • Full control over the system and customizable graphic design.


High Security

  • Administrator access through two-factor authentication
  • ATM identity anti-copy protected by Dongle SG-Lock.
  • The ATM and cash deposit have independent locks.
  • High security private keys, obtained through random number generation dedicated hardware.
  • Configurable Commissions.
  • Rigorous cash accounting.
  • All operations are shown immediately and transparently in the block chain.
  • Complete ATM remote management through safe protocols (Https, OpenPGP).
  • The ATM owner has full and exclusive control on the system.
  • 1 year of free software updates.