Team Activities in the Vereda La Palma

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An activity was carried out in the village of La Palma where, as a social responsibility, we recognise the importance of having a positive impact on the area of influence of our project, which is why we are carrying out recreational activities in the village to strengthen the soft skills of the children and adolescents.

Soft skills are those that are demonstrated in the execution of work, and are not only related to knowledge, but to the implementation of a combination of social skills, communication skills, aptitudes and the ability to approach others.

The Community Development Office of the Mayor’s Office of Vegachí provided support to the La María mine in an articulated process that we are carrying out with them in the villages in their area of influence.

This activity in the village of La Palma has been very satisfactory and is partly useful to be able to count on strategic allies that help us in the whole issue of carrying out our development plan and where the most important thing is the people in the area of influence.

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