Summary of Works in Vereda Guayaquil

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Our collaborators make a final visit to the mine site to review all the progress.

Metallurgical laboratory

The unevenness that was found has been fixed, the windows are being made. The floor (pavement) has been laid and is operational.


The excavation is being done for the “zapatas”, there will be three of them, and to start the assembly of the prefabricated structure.

Atomic solution

A new room has been built and is to be enclosed for the atomic solution which will be used to determine the concentration of minerals.

Water extraction

We can see the concentrator table where a plate is being built, this is the final part of the wash, where the gold will be obtained and it will be shielded. Just above is where the heliport will be set up.

Retaining wall

In addition to the heliport, it is necessary to build a 15-metre retaining wall to prevent changes in the terrain and landslides.


A motor has been added for the ball mill, which has been very difficult because it is very heavy, has to be aligned and has a very delicate speed reducer.


Work has been going on at the base, laying the sheets with welding.

Cable car

The belt loading structure is being adjusted, it needs to be aligned with the ground.

Discover other developments in the video of our collaborators.

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