MINX enter the market-MINX in the appeal — Very important!

1️⃣ MINX entering the market:

The integration period is over and we are already on Coinbene and P2PB2B.
The cryptocurrency market is still at historical lows compared to previous years, and given this uncertainty in the market reaction, investments at the global level have declined, and this is noticeable in the price of our currency.

Bullish growth is expected which again stimulates the market and hence all currencies are rising in price.

Our goal at this point is to continue to adhere to the dates of our Road map. We pay first attention to the launch of the first mine and thus we can start production with our project before the market revives.

2️⃣ MINX in circulation

After the integration phase is closed, we already take into account all tokens that are in circulation.

In total 36 100 000 MINX in circulation of 300 000 000. The distribution of these more than 36 million was as follows:

Sold: 34.555.743
InnovaMinex (Team, Partners): 296.000
Marketing (Bounty): 182.791
Marketing (Affiliate): 1.000.532
Marketing (Roulette Gifts): 64.934

MiNX which were not introduced into circulation, the market will be 10% per year, following the recommendations specified in our tokenomics.

3️⃣ MINX Output… Very important!

As you know, we have repeatedly warned that everyone who purchased MINX can already take their tokens to their personal wallets.

We ask people who have not yet completed the process to receive their MINX (KYC filling and their personal wallet address information) to do so as soon as possible.

Thus, we ensure that all buyers have tokens stored in their wallets and with the appropriate personal security keys. If you are in doubt about how to send the tokens you bought, you can follow this guide and this video to set up your wallet (change to “MINX” where it says “ INX”):

Due to operational, technical and safety issues, a maximum period of 20 days will be provided for these actions.

MINX, which for 20 days will not be deleted, will be locked and will be in the cold wallet for a year along with all other MINX and cannot be requested until next year.
We continue to work on creating the reference project that we all want. And we will continue to share with you information about what will be done.

Please accept our warmest greetings.
The Team of InnovaMinex.

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