Interviewing Walton Hernando Baron

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Professional profile.

Mining engineer and topographer, with extensive experience in the design and planning of underground mines in the short, medium and long term, Walton is an expert in blasting fronts in underground mines and in the implementation of standards for safe work, exploration, development and production.

Specialist in evaluating the technical-economic feasibility of deposits and mining projects. Leadership in large-scale mine operations with multifunctional roles covering different management and administration responsibilities.

• In a word, define your working style.


• What is the project vision you have?

From my position, I see a very profitable, self-sustainable and environmentally friendly project.

• How do you get to work for this company?

What motivated me to come to work here was the challenge of structuring a project as promising as this, and also being part of the team that carried it forward since its inception. Those were the reasons that made me come here eager to work, and so I will continue, without letting my guard down, while working for Pennsylvania Gold & Mineral.

• What strategies will you use to implement your project?

To carry out this project, optimizing its profitability, it is necessary to understand in the greatest detail the particular features of our gold deposit (location, topography, geology, structure, metallurgical composition, resources, etc.), in order to know how to take the best decisions from operations management, and to be able to implement the solutions that yield the best results. I want the teamwork, the planning, the creation of synergy in each of the areas and the assertive communication towards the 360 ​​° of the project, to be present in every action that is taking place in our project.

• How will be your way of operating, taking into account the economic challenges that the company currently has?

We have the responsibility of optimizing 100% of all resources, because we are very aware of the confidence that many investors have placed in our project. We must monitor all the works and actions that must be carried out within the project, parallelizing tasks when possible, and prioritizing in order of importance when necessary, analyzing each situation, separately and in conjunction with the rest, to determine which is the best solution.

• A message for project workers.

I want to encourage everyone to really work as a team to move this dream forward, not only for what it may mean for each of us, but for what would imply the fact that a company like MinexCorp to be successful in our region and, therefore, could help the general development of our communities. It is also very important that among all of us we can successfully launch it, due to the positive impact it would have for our country, Colombia, being able to add a new mining production that is safe and friendly to the environment.

• A message for investors.

As far as I’m concerned, I want to convey to investors that, of course, I will do everything in my power to make this project economically very profitable, without neglecting the safety and quality of each job.

With regard to the mine, as we learn more details about the gold deposit we have, it seems that we could find a quantity of gold reserves greater than initially thought. It is still too early to say anything, but we have high expectations.

Interview conducted by:
Mayra Gómez Grajales
Communication Area. Pensilvania Gold & Mineral

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