What’s new in Vereda Guayaquil in November

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On the news of our Vereda Guayaquil mining project in November, we leave you the summary of the last meeting with our CEO Fernando García Sanz through Zoom.

The pace of this project is very good, we already have all the material we requested for the washing plant.

The most important problem in the mine is the crushing, the machine we have is good, but the reality is that the material is very wet and sometimes the machine gets stuck.

To solve this we are going from primary and secondary crushing to tertiary crushing as well. The new shredder is the conical Simons.

We already have the plans for both the mill and the shredder to get everything up and running.

With all these things that we have bought, we now have more production levels than extraction levels.

We get one of the winches to help us raise the material to higher levels.

The mine and the plant is running at 30 to 40 tonnes a day. If the extraction system allows us to extract more, we will put in more and the plant is well calibrated and we will increase the gold content.

Visitors to the mine asked why La María could produce higher grades and Guayaquil could not, and the explanation is that in Vereda Guayaquil we only concentrate, we put in a series of grades and increase them, but in La María we can produce high grades without doing the process first that we do in Vereda, there is no need to concentrate it.

We have sent some tests to La María of 15 tonnes and we are going to proceed with intensive cyanidation to see how it goes.

We have a contract with a Swiss company that buys the concentrate, in theory what they say is very interesting because they would buy the concentrate from us at 87% of the market price.

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