What’s new in La María

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At La María, the plant is in perfect condition and performing at the expected level. We could not understand the lack of reconciliation between incoming and outgoing material, but we have learned that this is perfectly normal and to be expected in a plant that has been shut down for so long.

In the laboratory we have managed to refine the gold to 99.5 purity, which converts the result into investment gold, a milestone if we take into account that it is not a refinery but gold processed directly in the laboratory.

We have been able to accumulate more than 10 kg of silver so far, which is an excellent result.

We also have the results for October, which you know are not exactly for October, as the plant does not close and open the processes by months, but to limit the results to one month we have the following data:

In vereda Guayaquil a total of 304 tonnes of material have been processed with an input tenor of 2,362g/T and an average recovery of 84.29% has been obtained (having achieved maximums of 91%).

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