What makes InnovaMinex different from other projects?

  • Blockchain technology
    We use only the best and most advanced technologies that allow us to provide complete information about the origin of precious metals from the stage of their extraction to the moment of commercialization.
  • Safety and reliability
    Users can be confident that all transactions will be protected by the system itself, without the need to contact third parties.
  • High speed
    As a rule, the implementation of interbank transactions takes from one to several days. INX works 24 hours and reduces transaction time to a few minutes.
  • Transparency and stability
    All transactions in the INX cryptocurrency are immutable and publicly available to the entire community. They cannot be edited or deleted.
  • Quality tracking
    The certification carried out using the blockchain technology will be complete, consistent, accurate and publicly available.
  • New Market
    InnovaMinex is the safest and most cost-effective option for acquiring gold and other precious metals.
  • Own token
    Our unique INX cryptocurrency will occupy the first place in the mining and precious metals mining industries.
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