Overview Vereda Guayaquil

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It has taken several years of hard work to complete the assembly of the Guayaquil mining project. Today we can say that we have entered the final stage of the project; the infrastructure works to start production are 98% complete, offices, camp, warehouse area, car parks, access roads, support walls, benefit plant 1 and 2 and the loading cableway are already completed.

The works we are currently completing are: the three-phase power network and its respective sub-stations, lithotheque, roofs of plant one and plant two, heavy machinery parking, enclosure of the project and two two-storey cabins to expand the camp.

The mine is advancing day by day, generating different challenges in its structure, which we have given the appropriate technical management to advance in the work with the least inconveniences, bearing in mind that the most important thing is the life of our mining collaborators.

It is important to say that we have found two old workings guides which have given us important information about the vein projection, all valuable data for the mine planning team to make the best decisions.

During the month of August we have been working with the same intensity as always, the Vereda Guayaquil project is one step away from starting to operate and to start making profits.

We are proud to say that the benefit plant is now in the testing phase, with all the heavy machinery already installed and almost the entire structure finished.

The results of the conveyor belt and milling tests are satisfactory, with the adjustment of each of the elements so that they work in unison still to come.

Remember that the engineering of this plant has been made to measure, we have not purchased a ready-made plant or adapted existing systems to our requirements, but have designed each of the elements from scratch, thus optimising their performance but extending the start-up period.

We continue to work to start as soon as possible the exploitation phase that we are all impatiently awaiting.


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