Within the area of the MinexCorp’s estate, next to where the construction of the processing plant is planned, the building of an office infrastructure has begun. A structural design was carried out by the civil engineer in charge, in which this module was provided with two floors.

Initially, it had been thought to devote the lower floor to office space, and leave the upper floor for accommodation. However, a redesign of this structure has been made to dedicate it exclusively to professional activities.

In this way, the floor below will be made up of a large space of 150 square meters, while for the upper floor a compartmentalized structure will be made. None of them will be a lodging area; this will be included in another adjoining building.

The space of the lower floor will be conditioned as an auditorium, in which to hold general meetings of the entire work team, as well as other corporate events. The second floor will host the project administrative area, that is, the offices themselves.

We keep working to be able to achieve, as soon as possible, to have the mine, the processing plant and the rest of the involved structures operational. As you all know, it is a huge project so that, although sometimes, from a distance, it may seem that it is going slowly, what we have to be clear about is that it is moving forward with firm step.

In addition to a well done job and to the opportunity discovery, another of the success main ingredients is patience. Let us all search patiently for that success!

The InnovaMinex Team

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