Next developments 2022

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This year we have achieved important goals such as completing the Vereda Guayaquil facilities and acquiring a second mine, La Maria.

As we are getting closer to putting everything into operation, we would like to give you a brief summary of what lies ahead.

MINX burning

The burning of tokens that could not be released during 2021 will take place during the month of January.

The direct effect of this burning is that it will increase the relative scarcity of MINX, creating a favourable deflationary pressure for the community.

You can see how the 2021 burn was conducted here.

New blockchain network

Due to the high fees to be able to transact with your MINX on the ETH network (both P2Pb2b and Uniswap), you will very soon have our token available on a network with lower fees so you can buy more MINX.

Ore washing

The main goal is to reach the minimum amount of 80 tons of ore per day in our mines.

At the moment, Vereda Guayaquil is washing 20-30 tonnes of waste material per day, which we hope to increase to 70 tonnes per day with the new gallery that will be operational in January.

On the other hand, at La María, 12-15 tonnes are being washed and we hope to supplement this to 50-60 tonnes with external material from other nearby mines.

Launch of E-commerce

The launch will be this year, from then on you will be able to buy precious metals at a discount thanks to your MINX.

Within the e-commerce you will find gold and silver as well as other InnovaMinex products. The development of the shop is almost complete pending approvals and stock adjustments.

Keep accumulating Goldings until then!

Traceability System

Another launch will be a traceability prototype to be able to track our mines in Colombia.

In this way, and with MINX as fuel for the traceability system, all the people who are part of InnovaMinex will be able to verify that the precious metals they acquire have been produced in the conditions and with the required processes.


Development of new services and programmes related to InnovaMinex and the world of cryptocurrencies.

We are designing actions that can help the whole community to understand the project in order to give it the value and dimension that InnovaMinex has.

Thanks to all the people who are part of InnovaMinex!

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