Munition dump

For the storage of the explosives that are going to be used in the mine it is necessary to have a special infrastructure with some technical requirements given by Indumil (Colombian Military Industry). In the case of Minera Guayaquil, it was decided to use a container and adapt it to the necessary conditions to comply with the required functions.

Initially, a support structure was built for a container 22 feet long, and then the container was lowered to the place where the explosives room would be located. This process took around 20 days (ground adaptation, descent and location of the container on the support structure), because it was necessary to design a special pulleys and ropes system holding them to the trees. It was a task that required a lot of patience, time and ingenuity (remember that the geographical environment in which our deposit is located is very steep). The whole process was supervised by the occupational health and safety professional, and the operators had all the safety equipment to carry out their work.

Once there, a structural reinforcement accompanied by a waterproofing of the container was carried out. It was also necessary to make some breathers to keep the explosive material enclosure free of gases.

When the location and construction of the munitions dump was completed, it was covered with mesh to make a vegetal restoration of the roof, with the aim of generating the least visual impact on the environment.

Next to the explosives room there is a small structure to store the wicks in a separate place, as established by the norm.

Around the structure, and before proceeding to the vegetal cover, a kind of trench was made to give support and stability to the ground.

Finally, an enclosure system was made with wire mesh to isolate the structure and offer greater security.

In next days we will share with the MINX community the initial order of the explosive material requested, as well as other news related to this point.

We keep going forward.

The InnovaMinex Team

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