Meeting Vereda Guayaquil May 23

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As a novelty, on May 23, processing of ore with values will start. We are no longer processing tailings.

At the moment everything is working well, we are going to put 40 tons of material with values. This is in terms of the plant.

We can put more in the plant because it has more capacity, we can even put 70 tons. But first we are going to start with 40.

At present, what we are doing is to match what comes out of the plant with what we have accumulated, in December we are going to reach 70-75 tons, we are going to make up for the lack of tonnage with the ore we have stored.

The problems we are going to encounter: the accumulation of ore with values.

The mine plans are being followed as planned, we are going to start doing more drilling to increase the reserves.

In terms of plant, the cable car is working, the reform has already been proposed and we have asked those who built it to take responsibility for solving the problem.

As for three-phase energy, everything is finished and in perfect condition, but we are awaiting a revision and we depend on bureaucratic issues to start working with it.

The results are starting to be seen now, the unknown is how much gold will be free or meltable gold and how much of it will be poly-metallic concentrate.

Complete process in Vereda Guayaquil

We have achieved 1,768 grams per ton of concentrate, and this means that the plant is working well.

We concentrate all the metals in the mine and there is also another part called super concentrate that goes to the smelter. Remember that we work in 3 different veins, so when we put ore from the 3 veins we do not know what the final concentrate will be.

Questions about Vereda Guayaquil

Here are the questions to the CEO about the mine.

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