Materiarls for the mine

The arches for the Colombia gallery.

Dear MINXers,

New advances were made in the mine, with the installation of the first three steel arches corresponding to the Colombia gallery. These arches are the first of a series of them that will bring us closer to the beginning of the exploitation.

After the installation of these arches, the correct adjustment of all the wooden beams involved is carried out, as well as the necessary work is done so that the height and width of the gallery have the adequate dimensions to comply with the regulations.

More arches on the way: up to a total of 29.

It is not an easy task to transport the arches with which to support the galleries, from the supplier to the Vereda Guayaquil pitheads, taking into account the great difficulty to access the place where they are located, in the middle of a wild jungle, where you can find areas of great unevenness and irregular terrain. Despite the difficulties of the orography, the goal has already been met that the 29 planned arches have already reached the mine’s access.

In the near future we will update on the progress in the shoring of this gallery, in which the exploitation works will begin.

We keep opening way to the best business veins.

The InnovaMinex Team.

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