La Maria News 23 May

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At La María we are finishing the laboratory, with the acid fume hoods we have completed it and we are even starting to receive samples from outside for analysis.

The laboratory is a small part of the business, but it is part of the structures that will be profitable not only directly, but also by working with the outside world. In June we expect to have visible economic results.

We have been drilling for about a month and have drilled 46 m and 142 m in two different wells. We hope to finish the drilling with at least one well and have results this June.

Remember that the drilling helps us to have an accurate geological map to know where the veins are located.

We are currently waiting to finish the drilling at the mine to know the exact direction in which to intercept the vein and be able to continue.

In the mine we are waiting for the drilling to be completed so that we can continue with vein extraction, we are taking advantage of the time to do maintenance work and we only have an active front with 1 or 2 tonnes per day.

The plant is operating with little ore of its own but is still active and we expect to do a smelter between the last week of May and the first week of June. We have about 680gr of gold in the circuit waiting to be precipitated and smelted.

We have already closed agreements to supply between 50 and 70 tons of external material which should bring us the total costs of the whole operation so that all our ore will be at a profit.

We take this opportunity to send a big hug to all of you who make these projects possible.

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