INNOVAMINEX It’s not an idea. It’s a reality.

The InnovaMinex team wishes to inform you about the successful and impressive end of our ICO.

It has been a challenging journey full of difficulties: the fall of the Cryptocurrency market, the change of country for company headquarters looking for the best regulation, the maturity in the world of the ICO, a change of blockchain to integrate our proposal in the most optimal way, many scammers (too many!) who have approached the project have been rejected, avoiding attacks on our websites and opting for more ethical and transparent growth, without adding “fake” members to our social networking communities. Others would have succumbed but we… we have succeeded!

We want to thank all the members of our team for their dedication to the project over the last couple of years. During this time everyone has worked very hard, many hours and with great effort, we have not rested!! But it was worth it, you cannot always say: “I was there at the creation of a new cryptocurrency that will change the way we all interact with precious metals globally”.
We want to thank our mentors, our advisors and, of course, the most important person, the person who has believed in our dream, the person who has given us their trust. You.
Right now we enter the integration phase of our project to be the reality that we have all been waiting for.
This integration, it will take us more or less 6 weeks to go to the market with total guarantee. We outline the following steps in a few lines.
Distribution of the INX to all participants:
▪️ Wallet settings.
▪️ KYC.
▪️ Count of INX coming.
▪️ INX delivery.

Integration in the exchange:
▪️ Integration with Coinbene.
▪️ Integration with another exchange more.

Event in Madrid (Spain):
▪️ Main partners of InnovaMinex.
▪️ Presentation of novelties for 2019.
We will continue with the development and we will work so that our RoadMap is fulfilled on time. THANK YOU for being part of the change we bring to the precious metals sector!

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