“I firmly believe in this project because, among other things, it will bring great value not only to people, but also to the companies and institutions involved”

Vincenzo Giorgioni, has a curious professional career.

For 19 years he was a high school teacher, “however, I have always been linked, in one way or another, to the insurance sector, in which I have had various commercial and business experiences”. In 1982, together with two other partners, he launched in Italy an import and export company of horticultural products (http://www.celoxtrade.it), which even now, 40 years later, continues to be a market leader.

After his success he left to devote himself to other projects, one of which brought him to live in Spain in 1999. This project consisted in the launch of the first Internet TV in Europe, in which he lead a team of 54,000 independent distributors in 5 countries across Europe.

In recent years he has been involved in two successful new commercial projects, one of which has been as the Commercial Director of MinexCorp, being directly captured by Fernando García Sanz, CEO of said company. MinexCorp is a partner of InnovaMinex, and the mining company provides its gold and other precious metals for the project. Fernando is also CEO of InnovaMinex.

Vincenzo tells us that the project is based on 4 pillars. “The first consists of 7 mines that will be exploited following the MinexCorp model. Second, the smelter and refinery, which eliminate important costs and intermediaries, allowing us to work with the owners of other mines. So, profits can be increased by growing the lines of business. Third, is the e-commerce platform, through which you can acquire, among other products, physical gold and silver coins with the symbols of the main cryptocurrencies. And finally, ATMs, where you can buy or sell INX, and also purchase the main cryptocurrencies that currently exist, exchange them for cash or order gold to be sent to your house”. He is very clear when he concludes that “I firmly believe in this project because, among other things, it can bring great value not only to many people, but also to the companies and institutions involved.”

“This deep feeling comes from the InnovaMinex blockchain, which provides all the information and conditions in which gold is mined, giving traceability to the whole process. Therefore, when the end customer buys, he receives much more than ‘simply’ a high quality product”.

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