How to get a wallet and save my INX?

The time has come for each of us to have INX in our possession.
It is important that the information provided below be read in its entirety.

The InnovaMinex token (INX) is an ERC20 token, which means it is in the Ethereum network. INX can only be seen in an electronic wallet compatible with ERC-20 tokens that support custom tokens. Using these portfolios, providing them with the information of the INX smart contract address (0x889E06FF74e15a446275511eA3b6635Bb5A608E2) you will be able to see the balance, as well as send and receive INX.

InnovaMinex cannot give specific advice on what wallet can or cannot be used to manage INX. This is because there is a multitude of wallet providers and often they change the features and settings. What you should always do before hiring or using a specific wallet is to check that it is compatible with the custom ERC-20 tokens. If in doubt, contact the wallet provider and if it is not resolved, use another.

InnovaMinex has created a wallet configuration guide with a well-known provider compatible with the custom ERC-20 tokens, “Metamask”. You can access the guide through this link:

If you decide to use a Metamask wallet, as shown in the guide, carefully follow the steps included in it and be sure to send your public key to InnovaMinex, as indicated in the final step for sending INX. In order to insert the public key you have to fill in the personal data and the KYC.

Very important: Do not use any public key of exchange addresses because, normally, they are not compatible. If in doubt, set up a new wallet in Metamask and you will not have that problem.

In case you do not want to use Metamask, a list of alternative wallets is offered in which InnovaMinex has no responsibility. The user will have to confirm with the used provider that it is compatible with ERC-20.

List of “compatible” wallets with INX:

MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)
Mist (Desktop)
Parity (Desktop)
imToken (iPhone)
imToken (Android)
Coinomi (Android)
Coinomi (iPhone)
BRD Wallet (iPhone)
BRD Wallet (Android)

The following hardware wallets are known to be compatible with Ethereum tokens:

MyEtherWallet + Ledger
MyEtherWallet + Trezor

List of INCOMPATIBLE wallets (there may be many more):

Any Bitcoin exchange
Any Ethereum exchange

In summary, your electronic wallet must be compatible with the customized ERC-20 token and must not be a cryptocurrency exchange address/wallet. If you decide to try using a hardware wallet for INX (Trezor, Ledger), it will probably require additional configuration and integration. InnovaMinex can not provide technical support for the integration or use of hardware wallets for INX. It is essential to conduct a thorough investigation before buying a hardware for wallet or trying to use a hardware wallet for INX.


Never send your private wallet key to anyone, including InnovaMinex. InnovaMinex will only require your public wallet address.

In the following statement …

Insertion of the public address within the client area of InnovaMinex.

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