As part of the supply to progress with the start of our first gold deposit in “Vereda Guayaquil”, we have, of course, the explosive material requested for the start of work with controlled explosions. The responsible department has already developed the technical justification for an order of 4,500 tons.

The different types of material that will be used are the following.

Indugel Plus.

Explosive manufactured and distributed by INDUMIL Colombia (Military Industry of Colombia), of aluminized type, safe (low sensitivity to rubbing and impact), resistant to water (dense, submersible in water), with high specific energy, and is sensitive to the fulminate n ° 8.


Acronym of “Ammonium Nitrate — Fuel Oil”, is a high-power explosive formed by a mixture of granules of solid ammonium nitrate and petroleum-derived fuel.

With an apparent density of approximately 840 kg/m3, in underground mining works, ANFO is normally loaded with blows.

Slow match.

It is a flexible cord composed of a black powder core coated with cotton fibers, pitch and a plastic lining.

The burning time is constant and known: between 51 and 52 seconds/foot, on average. It transmits a flame to the simple fulminate to make it detonate.

Fulminate №8.

It is a product of those known as “initiators” (there are others, such as the electric detonator or the non-electric detonator with delay), and consists of a cylindrical aluminum capsule containing a sensitive charge (PETN-lead azide) that explodes instantly with the flame transmitted by the slow match.

With powers №6 and №8, it is used to initiate and detonate dynamite and other high explosives. The fulminate №8 is the complement of the slow match, it is very sensitive, and care must be taken with its manipulation. The sensitivity of the explosive is decisive for the selection of the appropriate “initiator”. The effect of the detonation of a fulminant is directional.

The detail of this necessary material is shown in the following tables.

We are waiting to receive the certificates of explosives handling training that have been carried out by three professionals of our project. Also, we are waiting for the review by Indumil (Colombian Military Industry), which is the institution responsible for giving the authorizations for the munitions dumps operation and explosives used in the mining sector. Once they check that everything has been done according to the regulations, they will give us the ok to be able to store and operate with explosives.

We will report you the results of these actions when we have any news about it.

Stay tuned to the advances and evolutions.

The InnovaMinex Team.

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