Environmental Awareness Programe

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The fourth cycle of Bicigold eco-walks has begun, a programe proposed by the Pensilvania Gold & Mineral company with the aim of raising awareness among the population of the environment in which they live and the care of flora and fauna.

On this occasion, the focus was on making the youngest members of the community aware of the importance of wildlife conservation.

Through these walks, the children in the area of direct influence are made aware of the richness of the native fauna.

Reference is made to the most representative animals of the area and their importance in the food chain.

The trophic chain (from the Greek throphe: feeding) is the process of transferring food energy through a series of organisms, in which each one feeds on the preceding one and is food for the next one.

This means the balance of food relationships, and therefore the importance of conservation and care is to be promoted.

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