Benefits and incentives for the INX community

Being part of the INX community is not only interesting, but also beneficial!

Why? In the last post, we already said that holders of INX tokens will receive various benefits.

1. First of all people who buy our gold and precious metals products using INX tokens will receive significant discounts — they will have up to 25% discount from the market price.

Since the demand for gold is growing year after year, we are confident that the demand for INX will also grow, even among those who are not interested in cryptocurrencies per se, but are interested in gold (by buying INX tokens they can save!).

2. We have already said that token holders who keep their INX without activity for 3 months, will qualify to be part of the group that will enjoy 25% of the quarterly benefits that the company allocates to the Loyalty Program. The members of this select “INX Club” will have at their disposal important discount vouchers, business trainings, leisure offers, etc. All this will only be redeemable on our e-commerce platform. This approach will incentivize the storage of INX tokens, and will reduce the number of those users who want to sell them

Just to sum up: there are strong reasons to think that 1) the demand for tokens will increase (cheaper price for gold with INX), and 2) the supply of tokens will decrease (the amount of them in circulation decreases because the INX holders receive a very attractive incentive every 3 months). Therefore the value of INX would increase.

If the demand is significantly lower than the supply then the price falls. In this case, the 25% of the company’s quarterly benefits will be distributed among a smaller number of participants, only those who have been holding the tokens in the cold wallet.

Thus, we create the first cryptocurrency which remains profitable even when the price drops, because the loyal users in the INX community will collect more discount vouchers to redeem in our e-commerce platform.

Now you know all these advantages… don’t delay in becoming part of our community, and register here:

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