An exclusive program INX-PRO for our token holders!

Want to get from 150 to 70,000 INX?
That is easy! Become an INX-PRO member and get your reward. INX — PRO is a unique program that will help to invite new members to the InnovaMinex project.


1. 400 participants
We have created 400 prizes that we will be distributed among 400 eligible users.

2️. 600,000 INX prize tokens
600,000 INX is the total number of INX, that we will distribute between 400 winners. In addition, we will provide program participants with additinal benefits.

3. Who are the partisipants of INX-PRO?
Users who wish to claim the prizes offered by the “INX — PRO” program must meet the following requirements:

▪️ You have to purchase a minimum of 1000 INX (this is the total amount of all purchases from the time you registered).
▪️ The total amount of INX bought by your referrals should be at least 4000 INX (purchases made from February 01, 2019).

More details about the INX-PRO program, prizes and other benefits that participants can enjoy are available here

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