A very profitable period of integration!

In these weeks when we all wait expectantly the moment we can operate with our INX in CoinBene. The good news is as follows:

Taking advantage of these time slot of integration… CoinBene wants to promote and sell our INX!

That is, they want to partner with us to give us greater visibility among their more than 3 million users. The larger our community is the better it is regarding more options to really benefit our INX.
Many users have asked us to reactivate the sale of tokens during this period of integration, that can only bring positive things to everyone.
Analyzing the important repercussions that both proposals signify, we have decided to take advantage of them for all of us, improving the advantages and benefits, to try to produce an authentic fever around the acquisition of our INX.

Conditions of purchase of INX in the Integration Period:

1. Discounts of 10% and 5% on the purchase of INX
Until February 21, 1 INX = $ 0.45.
From February 22 to March 10, 1 INX = $ 0.48.
2. The “Referral Bonus” is increased: 15%.
The bonus offered by inviting other people who buy INX is increased by 50% so that those who invite others will get 15% of the INX acquired by their referrals (without extra discounts or promotions).
3. Improvement in the prizes of our roulette “INX Win Wheel”.
This roulette is active again until March 10, with better prizes.
4. Roulette “GOLD Win Wheel”.
It is a new roulette that will give great prizes, such as Trezors and Ledgers to save our INX, one day a week that will be announced on our Telegram channel and group.
5. ALL in the PLATINUM category, within the INX Club.
All those who acquire INX up to March 10, will be in the Platinum category forever, according to the conditions explained in section 5 of the “INX Community” document, accessible from our website.
6. INX — PRO.
It’s a new incentive program with which free INX can be obtained, according to conditions that will be explained in a forthcoming statement.

In this way, the final waiting period will become a productive one of great growth in our community and growth for InnovaMinex. Each one of us wants INX to grow and become stronger. We are the first to acquire INX and, therefore, those who can enjoy the highest price movements of our token.

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