“A project of this scope deserves an exclusive, strong and solid brand that reflects the company’s tremendous capacity for expansion and development”

He is American but based in Spain, and a professional with more than 15 years of experience in the field of branding, corporate identity and design. Specializing in the digital world from his beginnings, he always wanted to “actively investigate, reflect and learn how to visualize new models to generate value for customers and society”. In a world in constant flux, “brands must also evolve and adapt to the change, and participate in the current methods regarding relationships within the technological spectrum”.

Rafa has a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations, at the Complutense University of Madrid, and his professional life has been closely linked to digital design, the UX / UI, and empathetic branding, as he likes to call it. “A brand is only a hinge within the dialogue that is generated between an organization and its users. In the management of that brand, the important thing is not the name itself, but the relationships established between both parties”.

Although his career includes big clients such as Santander, Movistar, AMEX… his interest in starting new projects has led him to participate in several successful startups such as Grupo MÁSMÓVIL or BEWE. Throughout his career he has collaborated in various projects alongside Julio Pérez-Tomé (CMO of InnovaMinex), and he has participated in user experience training, management sessions and development of digital brands, targeting senior managers and work teams that have experienced the famous “digital transformation” in their companies.

It was Julio Pérez-Tomé who invited him to participate in this exciting project, InnovaMinex. “Thanks to the avalanche of blockchain companies that we are witnessing, InnovaMinex represents an even greater challenge, more attractive and even more exciting. It will bring a never-before-seen value to today’s society. It’s a challenge being able to offer an alternative model, innovative and solid, based on precious metals, available to everybody without any distinction. Transparency fulfills its mission as the standard for this project”.

In InnovaMinex, Rafa’s position is as the Global Brand Manager, the bodyguard of the company’s identity, the person who conducts due dilligence and monitors the essence of the brand in each of the graphic and visual communications that InnovaMinex uses to interact with its customers and partners. “A project with this magnitude has to show and demonstrate an exclusive, strong, solid image… an identity that, in a simple way, reflects the entire spectrum of new investors, its great capacity for expansion and development within the company. It has to prove that InnovaMinex is the option of choice”.

He acknowledges that he is “in love with the team that makes up this company, who are loyal to the project, authentic ‘Spartans’ along with their colleagues and transparent with the objectives to be achieved”, and invites all those who want to enter the gold and other precious metals business to participate in InnovaMinex and its crypto, INX, which you will be hearing a lot about in the next coming weeks.

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