“Corporate Social Responsibility can actually be a good way to do marketing while making things change”

Paco De Benito is a Renaissance man. This makes him a very valuable person for InnovaMinex.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Physics and has been a computing consultant and an entrepreneur in several businesses based on internet, consumer networks and new technologies. However, his interesting CV goes beyond technology. He could almost be described as a person “focused on diversity” due to the amount of interests and professional arenas he encompasses. He has been a professional basketball player (in the Irish premier league); in 2014 he won the jackpot of the popular Spanish TV contest Pasapalabra, becoming a TV personality; he has participated as a guest, presenter and master of ceremonies in several TV contests and events. Curiously, one of the main engines that spurs him is his solidarity. Besides his contributions (personal ones or through contests) to a good number of NGOs, for several years he managed the NGO “O-diez”, where he altruistically participated in its management, communication and the development of events.

“I have always wanted to do a lot of different things in my life, but to do them at my highest level. I am clear that one always has room to improve, in whatever he wants. If you settle for what you have already achieved, you run the risk of losing the best of life: grow and help others grow”.

At the end of 2017, while being the Communications Director of MinexCorp, a gold mining company developing business in Colombia, he was present at the Metallic Mining Hall fair of Seville (the main mining fair of Spain), in order to contact investors to be able to exploit the gold deposits of Vereda Guayaquil, in Caldas (Colombia). He was one of the creators of the financing model for that mine, and that model didn’t go unnoticed by Rafael Enríquez (current CINO of InnovaMinex) who was looking for interesting investment opportunities. The meeting between Rafael and the MinexCorp model was an instant success, because Rafael -at that time with CriptoCapital developing a new cryptocurrency backed in the real estate market- realized the high margins and the potentially great growth this mining model had, and so the cryptocurrency project in which Rafael was involved changed the basis: real estate, out; gold mines, in.

“We, in MinexCorp, saw a very solid concept in the cryptocurrency that CriptoCapital was developing. It was very clear, and all of us knew that it would be very interesting for lots and lots of people”. At that very moment InnovaMinex started to become a reality.

Once the project was set in motion, Paco De Benito was appointed Communications Director of InnovaMinex. However, his sensitivity towards social responsibility, encouraged him to request that it should be added to his position, that of Director of Social Activity.

“I believe this is an excellent way to do marketing while changing many things. We have to demonstrate CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) by making people participate in the wealth and bringing them closer to humanitarian projects. You have to educate people on the good things that can be done with money. If we generate a lot of money we will be able to do many good things”.

Such a unique profile has nothing to do with the rest, and it is something people appreciate. In fact, Paco De Benito’s friendliness and empathy generate trust in investors, since he is able to transmit and demonstrate things differently.